Monday, January 7, 2013

#Teaser for Bound to You

As promised the teaser for Bound to You!!!

(Disclaimer this has not been edited and may change slightly)


I am frozen.

I can’t believe that Hades just walked in on me and Ben after we had sex on his desk. I inched further away from them to escape the heat of passion and anger fueling between the two men. I didn't want to be around either of them and I was beyond embarrassed more along the lines of being humiliated. Beyond on my humiliation hung a choice that I didn’t want to make… who I would choose.

I wanted to run away from them and the place that I somehow found myself in. Some island in Greece was all I knew about my location and I longed to be in my tiny studio apartment in San Francisco.

I turned slightly to see both men staring at me across the room. I how’d I do that? Then it dawned on me my vampire speed was much faster than human speed.

Ben was still stark naked and just looking at his muscle defined chest sent a chill down my spine. I was fully dressed in the purple gown that Hades created for me when he found us but Ben…He was still basking in the glory of the hot sex we just had. My eyes descended from his chest to the source of my forbidden pleasure and I caught myself as Ben’s jet black eyes sought mine with a pleased smile. I felt mesmerized with him and I wanted more.

“Antonia.” Hades melodic baritone voice echoed off the walls of his office and broke my hypnosis from Ben.

My eyes met Hades hazel ones and I melted. I should have been a puddle of Toni laying there in the middle of the floor. Instead the warmth and love that came from his gaze burned through me and etched on my heart. I loved that man… I mean god and he loved me.

Hades looked as glorious as ever draped in all white with his perfectly coiffed hair and smile that could make any woman swoon.

I couldn’t find a voice to respond so I didn’t. I couldn’t even think but I found myself drifting towards Hades.

“Toni?” Dawn’s sweet southern voice was music to my ears. I snapped my head around looking for her blonde locks. She was the only person on this world or the next that could and would help me. But where was she? I couldn’t see and I began to worry that I had created the voice in my head. Was this choice driving me crazy?

“Dawn.” I barely stifled out. I blinked and Dawn appeared glowing like an angle in all white in front of me.

My body ran into her open arms. We stood hugging, her body was warm against my cool vampire skin, and she smelled like a sunny day.

She released me and gawked at a naked Ben before she nodded her head his way as a pair of blue jeans to appear on him.

“What the hell is going on here?” She finally asked.

WELL.... WHAT DO YOU THINK?!?!?!?!!?