Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Introducing - Dawn

Hello Everyone:

Can I just say that I am GLAD that Valentine's Day is over! I had one too many "secret admires" sending me flowers and candy that day and I just couldn't deal anymore! But I am not her to rant about V-day I am here to introduce my bestie Dawn!

Outside of being the Best Friend Ever... Dawn is also a doctor. She has the warmest smile I know and when she gets excited, she speaks in her charming southern voice (which I love by the way). But anyway, I give you Dawn:

Hey guys and Thanks Toni! I won't take up too much of your time plus, I have a coffee thing with the handsome Dr. Stevens in a bit! I know I know but when someone a cute as him ask me out for coffee who am I to turn him down!

I just wanted to pop in, say hey, and show T some love on her New Blog! Congratulations by the way T. Ok *looks around* I have a sneak peek from Unbound, just for you! Now, Lola has no clue I am leaking this to you. It was too good not to share but if she flies of the handle... don't tell her, it was me that leaked it... I'll deny it! Here ya go:
Unbound, Spellbound Series, Book Two:

It’s hard to believe I met Ben a week ago and in a week, I learned he was a vampire and fell for him. He begged me to believe him that I was in danger for knowing he was a vampire but I refused his warning. Instead, I slowly slipped back into the arms of my lover and the ruler of Ben’s soul, Hades. From our numerous blood exchanges, we now sensed each other’s emotions. This is why I recognized the heartbreak he bore. I shook my head to clear my thoughts of Ben and to focus back on Hades.
 I have loved Hades the Greek god and ruler of the underworld, since the moment I met him. I ran off with Hades, the day before my eighteenth birthday and two days before I was to marry Markos, the man I was betrothed. I planned to spend an eternity with Hades, until my father, and Zelma took me the night of my birthday. The witch changed my appearance and made me forget everything for hundreds of years with a simple spell. I would have stayed under the spell but for my meeting of Ben. Just the thought of him made my heart flutter. I suffered as I had mixed feelings because I love Hades but I now think I love Ben too.
Well, if that doesn't take the cake! No wonder she received all those flowers and candy on Valentine's Day, she has two suitors right there! I must say, I am a tad bit please at myself about her loving Ben, I mean I am the one that pushed her to him but that Hades... I'm not quite sure about him yet but I mean he is HADES so...
I must go now because coffee calls and so does Brent... I mean Dr. Stevens and that dreamy smile of his. Toni thanks for having me on and remember you don't know nothing about the leak!
Wow! I can't believe she leaked that. Now I'll have to do damage control with Lola! If you don't hear back from me that means that she is pissed and probably killed me off... wait would she do that?
What are your thoughts on Dawn's sneak peek?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Jealously made me do it!

Hi Everyone!

To say that I was jealous when I saw the Blog for Fate's Design ( would be an understatement! Here I am patiently waiting for Unbound to be released and next thing I know Fate's Design has a Blog page... needless to say I was pissed so I started my own (take that Megan)! They say it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission so...

Let me introduce myself, I am Toni or Dr. Antonia Nikos Hollander (only a few people call me Antonia).

Anyway, I am 27 but will turn 28 this year on June 12 and I know I know I am young to be a doctor but this all just came too easy for me. My best friend Dawn thinks I am a genius and my ex Kevin couldn't even keep up! Lol. 

Let me not bore you with my life though it's way too complicated (you know what I mean if you read Bound to Remember). I have a surprise for you! I have the new cover of Unbound to show you but shhhhh don't tell Lola she might get upset.


Don't you love it! I do! I know you may wonder what happen to ginger haired girl that's on the Bound to Remember cover, but you would have to read Bound to Remember, for that answer... I need to log off before Lola has figured out what I've done but I will be back soon... Lola just finished Unbound and I am going to sneak an excerpt while she is editing ;) so look for that sometime this week!

Take care

~ T