Monday, February 13, 2012

Jealously made me do it!

Hi Everyone!

To say that I was jealous when I saw the Blog for Fate's Design ( would be an understatement! Here I am patiently waiting for Unbound to be released and next thing I know Fate's Design has a Blog page... needless to say I was pissed so I started my own (take that Megan)! They say it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission so...

Let me introduce myself, I am Toni or Dr. Antonia Nikos Hollander (only a few people call me Antonia).

Anyway, I am 27 but will turn 28 this year on June 12 and I know I know I am young to be a doctor but this all just came too easy for me. My best friend Dawn thinks I am a genius and my ex Kevin couldn't even keep up! Lol. 

Let me not bore you with my life though it's way too complicated (you know what I mean if you read Bound to Remember). I have a surprise for you! I have the new cover of Unbound to show you but shhhhh don't tell Lola she might get upset.


Don't you love it! I do! I know you may wonder what happen to ginger haired girl that's on the Bound to Remember cover, but you would have to read Bound to Remember, for that answer... I need to log off before Lola has figured out what I've done but I will be back soon... Lola just finished Unbound and I am going to sneak an excerpt while she is editing ;) so look for that sometime this week!

Take care

~ T


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