Monday, January 7, 2013

#Teaser for Bound to You

As promised the teaser for Bound to You!!!

(Disclaimer this has not been edited and may change slightly)


I am frozen.

I can’t believe that Hades just walked in on me and Ben after we had sex on his desk. I inched further away from them to escape the heat of passion and anger fueling between the two men. I didn't want to be around either of them and I was beyond embarrassed more along the lines of being humiliated. Beyond on my humiliation hung a choice that I didn’t want to make… who I would choose.

I wanted to run away from them and the place that I somehow found myself in. Some island in Greece was all I knew about my location and I longed to be in my tiny studio apartment in San Francisco.

I turned slightly to see both men staring at me across the room. I how’d I do that? Then it dawned on me my vampire speed was much faster than human speed.

Ben was still stark naked and just looking at his muscle defined chest sent a chill down my spine. I was fully dressed in the purple gown that Hades created for me when he found us but Ben…He was still basking in the glory of the hot sex we just had. My eyes descended from his chest to the source of my forbidden pleasure and I caught myself as Ben’s jet black eyes sought mine with a pleased smile. I felt mesmerized with him and I wanted more.

“Antonia.” Hades melodic baritone voice echoed off the walls of his office and broke my hypnosis from Ben.

My eyes met Hades hazel ones and I melted. I should have been a puddle of Toni laying there in the middle of the floor. Instead the warmth and love that came from his gaze burned through me and etched on my heart. I loved that man… I mean god and he loved me.

Hades looked as glorious as ever draped in all white with his perfectly coiffed hair and smile that could make any woman swoon.

I couldn’t find a voice to respond so I didn’t. I couldn’t even think but I found myself drifting towards Hades.

“Toni?” Dawn’s sweet southern voice was music to my ears. I snapped my head around looking for her blonde locks. She was the only person on this world or the next that could and would help me. But where was she? I couldn’t see and I began to worry that I had created the voice in my head. Was this choice driving me crazy?

“Dawn.” I barely stifled out. I blinked and Dawn appeared glowing like an angle in all white in front of me.

My body ran into her open arms. We stood hugging, her body was warm against my cool vampire skin, and she smelled like a sunny day.

She released me and gawked at a naked Ben before she nodded her head his way as a pair of blue jeans to appear on him.

“What the hell is going on here?” She finally asked.

WELL.... WHAT DO YOU THINK?!?!?!?!!?



Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Spellbound Series

It's been a while since we've had a post here and I wanted to give you some updates on the Series....

Toni's story comes to an end in the next book. No no she doesn't die she will just no longer narrate the story.

In the next book that is titled, Bound to You (Yes, that’s a spoiler), Toni (Antonia) makes her decision between Ben and Hades they (Whomever she picks and her) might just get that happily ever after... You will see love, heart ache, and vengeance in that book but that is not the last you will see of those characters.

Dawn will get a book in her voice and if you all can't tell by now I love writing for Dawn.
After Dawn's book I plan to write the back story on Ben, Kevin (and Toni on the run), and of course Hades.

I plan and this is with my fingers crossed to have Toni's last book out by the end of the year. I am writing the next book in the Fate series along with few stories for a couple of anthologies so you will have plenty from me. I just hope I can get it done and won't let you down.

Finally, I hope this post has brought a smile to your face with the future of Toni, Ben, Hades, Kevin and Dawn.



Thursday, March 15, 2012

Interview with a Vampire - Ben

While Toni is gone with Lola on the book tour for Bound to Remember, I figured I’d hijack her blog to talk about what’s really important this month (besides the book tour)… yep that’s right March Madness. So I figured who better than to talk sports with than Ben, a vampire who has been around since the beginning of the beloved sport. I bet he has some crazy insight on who’s gonna win so let’s check Ben out.

DC Hall: What’s up Ben? How are you?
Ben: I am well.

DC: Cool… so how are your brackets looking?

Ben: Pardon?
DC: Your brackets? I finished mine last night but I figured since you’re like 500 years old you’d have all the March Madness statistics.

Ben: I do not know of these brackets, nor why you are upset with the month of March but I am only 28 years old.
DC: How long have you been 28?

Ben: *smiles* Since 1813.
DC: Wow well since you don’t watch basketball tell me what about yourself.

Ben: I have been around for about 200 years. The world has changed so much since I was made vampire that I do not keep up with things such as sports.
DC: Oh, made into a vampire. Was that cool?

Ben: You watch too much television DC. Being made is… complex and your ‘cool’ cannot begin to describe the process.
DC: Tell me about it…

Ben: Being made is very painful. I was fed on too much while visiting a brothel. I was in agony for hours as my bodied died and I became a vampire.
DC: Man you're a vampire and you lived in a brothel. What more can a guy ask for?

Ben: I was sired by the madam of the brothel so her morals were corrupt and manipulative. My first years as a vampire were not… pleasant. Even after I was freed from my maker’s clutches I wandered around unhappily until recently.
DC: This sudden change wouldn’t have anything to do with a hot doctor would it?

Ben: *laughs* yes. Antonia is…unlike anyone, human, or vampire that I’ve ever met.
DC: Wow sounds like things get pretty intense for you guys. What’s the best thing about Antonia?

Ben: She is strong, compassioned, and accepting of who I am. But there is something else about her that I cannot put my finger on… she is truly my beautiful enigma. But the best thing about Antonia… I cannot share that with you.
DC: Man come on, it’s just us guys.

Ben: What Antonia and I have is private. But I will tell you no wine can compare to her... to her *coughs* sorry I forget myself.
DC: No you’re okay. I’m not oppose to hot bloody human vampire sex –

Ben: *Growl*
DC: Oh, sorry… didn’t mean to make you mad. *nervous laugh* You’re not gonna eat me or anything?

Ben: No, but you will not talk about her in that manner.
DC: Toni. Sex. Blood. Off limits. Gotcha….so what’s the best things about being a vampire?

Ben: Well besides the ability to kill intrusive authors. *laughs* The speed is amazing. There is nothing like moving so fast that you disappear from human eyesight. It’s one of the few times I truly feel alive aside from when I am with Antonia.
DC: Cool. So Lola told me a little bit about Unbound, but since you’re actually in it what can we expect?

Ben: Unbound picks up immediately after Bound to Remember. Readers are in for a few surprises and new changes but one thing that remains steadfast is my love for Antonia.
DC: Changes huh? Can you give me any spoilers?

Ben: No, you will have to read to discover them. But I can tell you things aren’t always as they appear.
DC: Cryptic much?

Ben: Pardon?
DC: Nevermind *laughs* So still no thoughts on who’s going to win March Madness?

Ben: *shakes head, laughing* You humans are incorrigible.
DC: Thanks for the insight and telling us the reads a little about yourself.
Ben: Thank you DC.
Toni will be back next week. Thanks for having me!
DC Hall

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Toni- Complicated Love Life

Hi Everyone,

I was reading through a few of the unedited chapters of Unbound, and I realized my love life is really complicated. I mean on one hand I have the sexy and ever so mysterious Ben (who will be a guest poster next week by the way) and I really did develop feelings for him in Bound to Remember. Then, there's Kevin and I am not sure what to think about him, you saw his post last week (, I truly feel it's a lost cause. And finally there is Hades... he just pops up and... I don't know what to make of him.


So, I am kind of depressed. I have Adele's Someone Like You on repeat and I swear I'm on the verge of tears.

Where the heck is Dawn and her southern charm when you need her?

Anyway, sorry to be Debbie Downer this week but not every week is smiles and giggles.

What do you think of my complicated love life?

Take care,

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kevin - Graces us with a Post!


Well here's a surprise Kevin is gracing us with his presence... Oh, joy! Hope you enjoy Kevin:

What a lovely introduction Toni, so nice of you... So blah blah I'm Dr. Kevin Cooper and I've known Toni what seems like forever, but hey who’s counting.

Of course, I am Toni's ex... This means I am single at the moment, so ladies please feel free to leave your phone numbers and/or email address below. You won't regret it!

I guess I am here to "leak" some info about Unbound, but I'd rather talk about what happen between Toni and me... You see Toni is not the easiest woman to deal with... she can be at times MEAN! I know you all probably hate me for talking bad about Toni but it's true she can be... I have done nothing, but bend over backwards for her, and I even loved her (still do) but she thinks it's cute to play silly little games. Well two can play that game!

Okay Kevin that's enough!

Sorry about that Kevin has his head so far up his ass that he can't see... but I will have a REAL treat next week when Ben is here... A real man... well... you'll see!

Do you think Kevin is heartbroken or just an Ass?


p.s. Ladies you don't really have to leave your numbers.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Introducing - Dawn

Hello Everyone:

Can I just say that I am GLAD that Valentine's Day is over! I had one too many "secret admires" sending me flowers and candy that day and I just couldn't deal anymore! But I am not her to rant about V-day I am here to introduce my bestie Dawn!

Outside of being the Best Friend Ever... Dawn is also a doctor. She has the warmest smile I know and when she gets excited, she speaks in her charming southern voice (which I love by the way). But anyway, I give you Dawn:

Hey guys and Thanks Toni! I won't take up too much of your time plus, I have a coffee thing with the handsome Dr. Stevens in a bit! I know I know but when someone a cute as him ask me out for coffee who am I to turn him down!

I just wanted to pop in, say hey, and show T some love on her New Blog! Congratulations by the way T. Ok *looks around* I have a sneak peek from Unbound, just for you! Now, Lola has no clue I am leaking this to you. It was too good not to share but if she flies of the handle... don't tell her, it was me that leaked it... I'll deny it! Here ya go:
Unbound, Spellbound Series, Book Two:

It’s hard to believe I met Ben a week ago and in a week, I learned he was a vampire and fell for him. He begged me to believe him that I was in danger for knowing he was a vampire but I refused his warning. Instead, I slowly slipped back into the arms of my lover and the ruler of Ben’s soul, Hades. From our numerous blood exchanges, we now sensed each other’s emotions. This is why I recognized the heartbreak he bore. I shook my head to clear my thoughts of Ben and to focus back on Hades.
 I have loved Hades the Greek god and ruler of the underworld, since the moment I met him. I ran off with Hades, the day before my eighteenth birthday and two days before I was to marry Markos, the man I was betrothed. I planned to spend an eternity with Hades, until my father, and Zelma took me the night of my birthday. The witch changed my appearance and made me forget everything for hundreds of years with a simple spell. I would have stayed under the spell but for my meeting of Ben. Just the thought of him made my heart flutter. I suffered as I had mixed feelings because I love Hades but I now think I love Ben too.
Well, if that doesn't take the cake! No wonder she received all those flowers and candy on Valentine's Day, she has two suitors right there! I must say, I am a tad bit please at myself about her loving Ben, I mean I am the one that pushed her to him but that Hades... I'm not quite sure about him yet but I mean he is HADES so...
I must go now because coffee calls and so does Brent... I mean Dr. Stevens and that dreamy smile of his. Toni thanks for having me on and remember you don't know nothing about the leak!
Wow! I can't believe she leaked that. Now I'll have to do damage control with Lola! If you don't hear back from me that means that she is pissed and probably killed me off... wait would she do that?
What are your thoughts on Dawn's sneak peek?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Jealously made me do it!

Hi Everyone!

To say that I was jealous when I saw the Blog for Fate's Design ( would be an understatement! Here I am patiently waiting for Unbound to be released and next thing I know Fate's Design has a Blog page... needless to say I was pissed so I started my own (take that Megan)! They say it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission so...

Let me introduce myself, I am Toni or Dr. Antonia Nikos Hollander (only a few people call me Antonia).

Anyway, I am 27 but will turn 28 this year on June 12 and I know I know I am young to be a doctor but this all just came too easy for me. My best friend Dawn thinks I am a genius and my ex Kevin couldn't even keep up! Lol. 

Let me not bore you with my life though it's way too complicated (you know what I mean if you read Bound to Remember). I have a surprise for you! I have the new cover of Unbound to show you but shhhhh don't tell Lola she might get upset.


Don't you love it! I do! I know you may wonder what happen to ginger haired girl that's on the Bound to Remember cover, but you would have to read Bound to Remember, for that answer... I need to log off before Lola has figured out what I've done but I will be back soon... Lola just finished Unbound and I am going to sneak an excerpt while she is editing ;) so look for that sometime this week!

Take care

~ T