Thursday, March 15, 2012

Interview with a Vampire - Ben

While Toni is gone with Lola on the book tour for Bound to Remember, I figured I’d hijack her blog to talk about what’s really important this month (besides the book tour)… yep that’s right March Madness. So I figured who better than to talk sports with than Ben, a vampire who has been around since the beginning of the beloved sport. I bet he has some crazy insight on who’s gonna win so let’s check Ben out.

DC Hall: What’s up Ben? How are you?
Ben: I am well.

DC: Cool… so how are your brackets looking?

Ben: Pardon?
DC: Your brackets? I finished mine last night but I figured since you’re like 500 years old you’d have all the March Madness statistics.

Ben: I do not know of these brackets, nor why you are upset with the month of March but I am only 28 years old.
DC: How long have you been 28?

Ben: *smiles* Since 1813.
DC: Wow well since you don’t watch basketball tell me what about yourself.

Ben: I have been around for about 200 years. The world has changed so much since I was made vampire that I do not keep up with things such as sports.
DC: Oh, made into a vampire. Was that cool?

Ben: You watch too much television DC. Being made is… complex and your ‘cool’ cannot begin to describe the process.
DC: Tell me about it…

Ben: Being made is very painful. I was fed on too much while visiting a brothel. I was in agony for hours as my bodied died and I became a vampire.
DC: Man you're a vampire and you lived in a brothel. What more can a guy ask for?

Ben: I was sired by the madam of the brothel so her morals were corrupt and manipulative. My first years as a vampire were not… pleasant. Even after I was freed from my maker’s clutches I wandered around unhappily until recently.
DC: This sudden change wouldn’t have anything to do with a hot doctor would it?

Ben: *laughs* yes. Antonia is…unlike anyone, human, or vampire that I’ve ever met.
DC: Wow sounds like things get pretty intense for you guys. What’s the best thing about Antonia?

Ben: She is strong, compassioned, and accepting of who I am. But there is something else about her that I cannot put my finger on… she is truly my beautiful enigma. But the best thing about Antonia… I cannot share that with you.
DC: Man come on, it’s just us guys.

Ben: What Antonia and I have is private. But I will tell you no wine can compare to her... to her *coughs* sorry I forget myself.
DC: No you’re okay. I’m not oppose to hot bloody human vampire sex –

Ben: *Growl*
DC: Oh, sorry… didn’t mean to make you mad. *nervous laugh* You’re not gonna eat me or anything?

Ben: No, but you will not talk about her in that manner.
DC: Toni. Sex. Blood. Off limits. Gotcha….so what’s the best things about being a vampire?

Ben: Well besides the ability to kill intrusive authors. *laughs* The speed is amazing. There is nothing like moving so fast that you disappear from human eyesight. It’s one of the few times I truly feel alive aside from when I am with Antonia.
DC: Cool. So Lola told me a little bit about Unbound, but since you’re actually in it what can we expect?

Ben: Unbound picks up immediately after Bound to Remember. Readers are in for a few surprises and new changes but one thing that remains steadfast is my love for Antonia.
DC: Changes huh? Can you give me any spoilers?

Ben: No, you will have to read to discover them. But I can tell you things aren’t always as they appear.
DC: Cryptic much?

Ben: Pardon?
DC: Nevermind *laughs* So still no thoughts on who’s going to win March Madness?

Ben: *shakes head, laughing* You humans are incorrigible.
DC: Thanks for the insight and telling us the reads a little about yourself.
Ben: Thank you DC.
Toni will be back next week. Thanks for having me!
DC Hall


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